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Early morning in AlabamaAbandoning my writings about small town living for a while to pursue my purpose–living my dream–I knew it was time to get back to the small town talk. Small town talk is a part of my passion–dream.

Having moved to a larger city now, the daily experiences of small town America are somewhat removed. Yet, I meander down the path of my memories.

Working as a temp in small town Texas was way cool. A long-term assignment brought me across the path of, let’s call him, Jack.

No matter the circumstance, weather, time or day, Jack always entered the office with a resounding MORNIN’ (say that with a southern boys accent) through a smile as big as Dallas cracking his face.

A self-proclaimed energy drink addict, Jack exuded optimism and of course, energy. Co-workers would be half laid across their desks, moaning about their headaches, woes and general distress about work or life. But when Jack came in most everyone would perk up and shake off the funk over their heads.

I found the whole thing amusing–Jack, my co-workers and the overall dynamic. No matter, I liked to see Jack come in, too.

My point? Jack made the best of things, at least at work. Jack viewed every day as another day in paradise. Whether consciously or not, he wanted to make an impact on the lives of others, and impact he did.

Jack chose to make his choices on purpose.

Long gone from the area and job, I will never forget Jack’s daily greeting, and his impact on my life and others in that small town.



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