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Having the opportunity to do freelance writing is cool. Writing, as I have expressed before, is my passion. The passion drives my purpose–opportunity of expression while making a difference in others lives. However, in the world of freelance writing, as is in other types of work,  it is not always ideal. There are times–a lot of times–when we become “content machines” simply pumping out technical, or otherwise, generic information to make ends meet.

With that being said, it is refreshing to happen upon a client where the opportunity to create–really create–quality content is available. This happened to me lately. It was by happenstance I stumbled upon Ad Astra Traffic.

Carson Brackney, founder of Ad Astra had commented on a blog post at one of my favorite sites, The Freelance Writing Jobs Network and I like what he had to say, so I checked out his blog. It was there I found out about Ad Astra and its up-and-coming debut, October 13, 2009. There was an invitation for writers to apply, so I did.

I was very excited to be accepted on the Ad Astra team and found site access for writers very user friendly. Everything you need is there. Available assignments, delivery guide instructions, and invoicing.

My first assignment with Ad Astra was way cool. I enjoyed the topic and the various approaches I was able to take with the articles assigned. Payment was prompt–the next day after deliverables and invoice sent.

As I got into it, I began to realize what an opportunity it is to work with Carson Brackney and Diana Penna, co-founder of Ad Astra.  This Web site content writing site may be new, but the founders are not new to the business.

I just wanted to take time to let my world know about Ad Astra Traffic–seriously–if you need your Web site updated, started, or other promotional content vamped check out the site.

Until later, see you around the path!


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The Time Trap

“My, how time flies!”  What a familiar adage–time does seem to fly by, especially in a virtual world. If you don’t keep up with your social networks, keep your posts, thoughts and other such stuff moving each day, you can fall off the map of the virtual–albeit now–corporate world.

Having faithfully followed The Freelance Writing Jobs Network since beginning my freelance journey, I have been turned on to some great job leads. While pursuing some, testing and otherwise preoccupied with work, I realized I have not kept up with my virtual world presence recently.

BIG mistake in the freelance business. I may have missed out on my “discovery” by the perfect publisher or company looking for someone just like me. Worse yet, I lose track of what’s happening as far as the latest and greatest in freelancing and the social environments. One saving grace is just as quickly as you drop off the map, you can place yourself back on. The key is consistency.

Even though I am an award-winning editor and journalist (from the past), as the years passed I worked in other areas beside writing and I became rusty.

Being caught up in corporate affairs, dealing more with people and personalities versus writing, put me at a disadvantage. For most people those experiences would only add to their niche, or online personality; but as you can see, I am still trying to find mine.

When I got my first freelance “paying job” I felt like the tin man on the Wizard of Oz. The feeling of being stuck out in the rain and suddenly unable to function in my normal realm. Writing always came naturally to me, but when facing a deadline, I somehow freeze. So I thought freelancing would somehow magically remove the deadline stress from my life. Wrong.

Wrong, if you need to earn a certain amount of money and have to work feverishly to make it and do not have a plan. The stress mounts as each deadline approaches.  It is the same kind of “bad” stress found on a job situated away from your home which caused many of us to make the decision to freelance.

Working at home did not make me “at home” with that vision I somehow conjured up, of wandering around the house, doing whatever I pleased and writing when I wanted too. It can mean that, but it takes balance. Balance and a plan.

Learning to balance your day is vital in freelance work. At first my family and friends thought I was “off work” and at home now, so they could call on me, or expect that I could drop everything to meet their needs. After all, I wasn’t really working–I was just writing online–from home no less.

It can take some time to help family and friends understand that you are at work. It is vital you set work hours for yourself and stick to them, and things will fall into place as it relates to your earnings and freedom. The vision I had about enjoying a morning cuupa joe while listening to the sounds of birds sing is now, a reality.  It can be done. It just takes discipline, balance and a plan.

Best of luck on your freelance journey. Let me know what you have discovered along the way.

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Remember the day of the party line? Er – for the telephone that is. What a stretch. When things were stepped up a notch and we moved away from tin cans and string, got a private line and stationary designer phones, it seemed as though we had arrived. Now we have social networks – the new party line – Jetson’s style – pictures, talk, chats, blogs, blerps, bleeps, tweets, facebooking, myspacing – yikes! Information overload. There was an adage a few years back popularly referred to as TMI (too much information) dude. Wow – now that’s a even a stretch – do we even say dude anymore?

Just when you think you have it all figured out, it changes. While tyring to get back a passion in life, writing, I thought, man let’s do this thing, capture gigs from home, work at home or anywhere in the country my little laptop will follow.  With all the gadget’s, a few new gizmo’s to enhance performance in place – time to set out on the information highway and start writing! Baaaby – woo hoo.

But oh ho ho – lanes were merging so quickly and traffic was closing in and passing by so fast – it was time to pull off the road and regroup.

Now what? After joining every site imaginable, while still discovering new ones, it’s time to piece them all together so they can work for a common good. Trying to build a portfolio of blogs, blerps, writings and other manuscripts has proven to be challenging. While I like a good challenge, some of my best writings – most of them – exisited in the beginning of the Jetson age when we did not have newspapers with archives online, they lived in the newspapers morgue.

When searching for some of them I learned well meaning staff cleaning out the “morgue” threw away all copies of the newspapers that existed in my day, and the newspaper did not use microfishe, or a binding company. Lovely. So here we are today, creating new blogs, bleeps, blurps and tweets.

Happy reading. Er –  tweeting, bleeping, blurping and blogging! See you round the path.

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