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Remember the day of the party line? Er – for the telephone that is. What a stretch. When things were stepped up a notch and we moved away from tin cans and string, got a private line and stationary designer phones, it seemed as though we had arrived. Now we have social networks – the new party line – Jetson’s style – pictures, talk, chats, blogs, blerps, bleeps, tweets, facebooking, myspacing – yikes! Information overload. There was an adage a few years back popularly referred to as TMI (too much information) dude. Wow – now that’s a even a stretch – do we even say dude anymore?

Just when you think you have it all figured out, it changes. While tyring to get back a passion in life, writing, I thought, man let’s do this thing, capture gigs from home, work at home or anywhere in the country my little laptop will follow.  With all the gadget’s, a few new gizmo’s to enhance performance in place – time to set out on the information highway and start writing! Baaaby – woo hoo.

But oh ho ho – lanes were merging so quickly and traffic was closing in and passing by so fast – it was time to pull off the road and regroup.

Now what? After joining every site imaginable, while still discovering new ones, it’s time to piece them all together so they can work for a common good. Trying to build a portfolio of blogs, blerps, writings and other manuscripts has proven to be challenging. While I like a good challenge, some of my best writings – most of them – exisited in the beginning of the Jetson age when we did not have newspapers with archives online, they lived in the newspapers morgue.

When searching for some of them I learned well meaning staff cleaning out the “morgue” threw away all copies of the newspapers that existed in my day, and the newspaper did not use microfishe, or a binding company. Lovely. So here we are today, creating new blogs, bleeps, blurps and tweets.

Happy reading. Er –  tweeting, bleeping, blurping and blogging! See you round the path.

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